Gakuen Alice

Alternative Titles
Synonyms: Campus Alice, Alice Academy
Japanese: 学園アリス


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Aired: Oct 30, 2004 to May 14, 2005
Studios: Group TAC
Genres: Comedy, Magic, School, Shoujo
Rating: G – All Ages
MAL: Gakuen Alice


Anime Gakuen Alice


Sakura Mikan and Imai Hotaru are best friends, and Mikan is shocked to find that Hotaru is transferring to a school in Tokyo for gifted students like her—Alice Academy. Mikan hears rumors that the students are like prisoners there, and worried what would happen to Hotaru, she runs away to head to the school herself. She finds out all the wonderful things about this school. And she heads into a great adventure!!


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